A Marginal Sea

by Strange Her

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released August 9, 2019

Produced, mixed, and engineered by James Paul Wisner
Mastered by Andy VanDette
Artwork by Duane Knight
Graphic Design by Joshua Johnson
Music by Strange Her


all rights reserved



Strange Her Fairhope, Alabama

With a live performance as energetic as the 80s DC punk scene, and music leaping off the hairy edge of the Emo/Alt Rock Revival, the coastal Alabama based Strange Her lands uniquely on the heavier end of the indie rock landscape of today, picking up the torch from groups like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, and carrying it into a new age of the genre. ... more

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Track Name: The Root of it All
You bleed for currencies and everything at once
You buy your news and prostitutes at night
And it always seems like magazines write anything they can find
There's so many hands to feed for headlines to spin it right

All the golden suites and properties the world has sacrificed
Can't cure the disease that profit margins hide
The modern world can offer more than some fair market price
So if the check is cleared then you did something right

Be careful of the policies in place
The commonwealth is always subject to change
You can be anything you want to be when it's time to choose
If you agree to the terms in the clauses that they use

Their compassion's a knife in the quarterly lines-with no regrets to cut you loose
They’re hiding their stacks so they stay in the black-where there's nothing left to prove

In gatherings of public kings we let our destinies play out
They say "take what you need" and the numbers tell us how
Cause we see ourselves as market shares and stare at our bottom line
We're sold on the floor, but there's so much more to life
And staying here is nothing short of a crime
Would you rather believe that everything is fine?
Track Name: Matriarch of Manhattan
You swore that you'd leave, and the world would lay at your feet
Like it was hanging in your reach
The books that you read, and the movies you watched in bed
Convinced you there was nowhere else
And the city was the perfect fit, as if God himself had always had it planned
Waited for years to get you in

There was never a crown to claim
And the people never mentioned your name when they spoke
No one replaced any monuments
And in your silence was the instant regret
Of leaving the ones that you love
And trading them in for a life that wasn't ever enough

There's no love outside your window in the street
Just an empire moving with time and machines in the dust
And Everyone is on display, day and night are all the same
But it's not the traffic or the lights that keeping you awake

You feel like the restless ghost
Of the North Atlantic coast, out on your own
Even though you still exist
It's not the same way that you did, when you had a home

There was never a crown to claim
Now your family only mentions your name as a joke
It's a matter of consequence
That's what you get when you walk out on your friends
For the sake of being someone your not
You killed for the cause but no one even cares that you're gone
Track Name: Entropy
Tonight, I'm taking this somewhere I can hide
preparing myself to cross a line
Assuming the alcohol I want
Reacts the same way in my blood
While I stare at the blinking tv fuzz
I see my reflection, in the glow
Like some holy reminder to take it slow
But I'm feeling the pressures of getting old
And I'm worried I'll do it all alone

It was never meant to last
Like the sun was waiting to collapse
Into a masquerade of black
No longer fighting entropy
Our bodies hopelessly at peace
To search the dark for clarity

Now my failures that held me have let me go
And set me with strangers in a shrinking hole
But The force of gravity has taken hold
And it's pulling stronger in other directions than below

Another Summer's come and gone,
And the landscapes changing colors
I don't regret the call, though we never said we missed each other
When did the love in us, become the same as drowning
I've strayed but I'm not lost, I still want someone to find me

You were the bandage to all the cracks bleeding through my heart
That I couldn't close
I was the devil seeing how much I could control, without telling a lie
We had our separate fears
And for Several years I've tried just let you know, just to let you know
Track Name: Codeine to Kerosene
Fooled the crowds with simple tricks
Burned the forest down when you slipped
So let's Take it back before the turn
To the hospital rooms where you worked
And the closets they kept locked away
With enough supplies to feed a blaze
You’d just take a few and then you'd quit
Until the smoke began settling in

Your immune to the carbon
And glowing with embers

don't waste your breath, everyone knows about the fires that you lit
You can't help yourself… when your alone, you lose control, and burn ‘till nothing's left

The bottles began to pile up
Into mountain range you couldn't cross
And when the river slowly turned to dust
We were strangers there, you couldn't trust
So you gave us the slip, and drifted further ‘till you died out into the fog
But it wasn't long before we saw the wreckage from the flames you couldn't stop
Track Name: I'm the Salt of the Earth - and the Salt in Your Wounds
Did I put myself into a lake of fire?
Or is there a special place for those who don't think it matters?
Cause in the midst of admonishment I didn't have a problem
Enjoying the miracle wine and turning it back to water

I've vandalized your prophet's writing on my shoulders
So I could wear the same mistakes that plagued our fathers
My claims reflected the change that I didn't love my brothers
I traded men the promise land in exchange for their daughters

Built a wall to prove my heart was mine to keep
Buried outside are the stories I thought I believed

When you formed these bones from clay
You should've left them there in the ground
Did you know they'd level this place
And be the salt in your wounds
While they're turning to ash in your mouth?
This feeling that's deep in my chest
And Forming a sweat on my brow
Is it the guilt of making you sick?
Cause I'm the one you regret
And There's no cure if you don't spit me out

I never sold out anyone I loved for silver
But now my loyalties seem like they're unstable
It's not like I'd deny my friends if they got into trouble
I just don't like hearing my name
come up in conversations

I'm a ship that saw the lighthouse and turned back out to sea.
All the colors of the world have bled out over me
I don't wanna escape my prison, if it means that I go free
Can you tell me if there's an end to this disease
Track Name: Hunting for Cortman
Like siphoning gasoline
I’ll take anything of yours I need
You don’t seem to have a need to drive much any more
One day I swear I’m gonna soundproof all these walls
Maybe that’ll finally drowned out your calls
Then watch as you silently scream at the door
(if I die this blood is yours)

I’ll search the streets, look in every home
If I find you asleep, before the sun goes down
There’s a wooden stake that’s got your name

And I wear it around my neck
Like a Sunday morning cross
It reminds me why I'm here, and they’re not

You’re the shadow looming over my house every evening
But it’s the past that haunts the walls of this broken home
And even though you’re part of the nightmare I’m repeating
There’s a part of me that’ll miss it when you’re gone
You’re already gone

There’s a claustrophobic sense I get
But it’s not the size of the room
Or the whispers in my head
It’s the never ending loop
of falling in and out of sleep
With drinks designed to dull
Another jagged edge of my sobriety

I’ll search the streets, look in every home
If I find you asleep, before the sun goes down
Could I do what I know must be done
And drag your body out into the sun
What nerve you have to call my name
Night after night you’re all the same
You can talk but your just as dead to me
May the mercy of my actions give you peace
Track Name: The Scarlet Cord
We were young taking western drugs in metaphors and faith
On my wrist where the oils split was a blessing meant for change
They spoke about all the worldly crowds and the water in their veins
And the marks they missed were catalysts for the hell that must be paid

So they gathered ‘round to bleed this out and purge the ones who run
Cause the shape they're in is reflected with a behavior you can't trust

When it's time to tear this place apart
And burn the gardens of my heart
I’ll need someone that I can trust
Cause the scarlet cord that bears my name
Is hanging out this window frame
And I’ve got nowhere else to run

So we bowed our heads and prepared ourselves for another day ahead
Just hoping that we could stay the course every time we left our beds

We drove the roads comatose building the campaign
Like summoned ghosts you barely know with a message to explain
Behind our doors our souls were poor from the knowledge we were taught
The ditch at the end that we all fell in was as far we ever got

I'll pretend to remain innocent
Track Name: Edge of Our Escape
Silent in thought, while skeletons are running down the halls of this nervous heart
Your conscience is a friend, that grabs your hand and puts you back to bed when you've gone too far
But there's an empty space within like suddenly you lost sight of land in the middle of the storm
Could you help me understand, could you carefully explain how this ends, or at least where to start

If only we could live, without fearing the edge of our escape is slipping through our hands
But repeating in my head are questions without answers, give me one I won't forget

I believe there's something here alive
Hidden behind these doors
Cause I've been hearing lies, spoken in ways that I’ve disguised as my own voice
Like the story of my life is a picture that's painted on the wall
In only shades of grey and white

I've held my breath so long, that no more air can fill up my lungs
Cause we planned to build this up, and while you hung on, I fell off
Into an ocean of my mistakes
Where I struggled to fight against the consequence of choices that I made
Track Name: Modest Drinker
I drink, but only modestly, until I puke my guts out
Empty promises are all I keep, they never let me sleep until I pass out
Don’t wait up for me, it’s not your job, it’s not your job
I’m in control here; I'm who decides when this stops

I volunteer as the example, used to scare kids out of hell
spread my name like a cancer, It'll mean more as a cautionary tale
Don’t wait up for me, it’s not your job, it’s not your job
I’m in control here and I'm who decides when this stops

And I'm never gonna stop myself
I’m not in control, and I never was
I'll destroy us both before I ask your help
I’m nothing if not proud of the damage I’ve dealt

As a devil’s advocate, I’ve come to know my place
Proving counter points and doing everything in spite
Still smoking cigarettes, even though I’ve lost the taste
Killing myself slowly on the back porch every night

This can’t be for nothing, it’s all we have
It’s all we want, this is what I want
What a shame that desire doesn’t translate to will
I hold the secret to fire but lack the courage to kill

And I'm never gonna stop myself
I’m not in control, and I never was
I'll destroy us both before I ask your help
I’m nothing if not proud of the damage I’ve dealt
With nothing left to hold on to
We all wanted to believe we’re breaking through
Instead of hearing words that would cut me loose
Depart from me the son I never knew

How does it feel to save someone, and watch them jump back in?
Does the spit in your face sting worse than the curse in your ears ring?
Don’t hold back from me your wrath is everything
Track Name: Atychiphobia
Bring another dead man to life
See how long he stays here alive
Read about his efforts to thrive all alone
In his work
Where all the chemistry's reversed
Till it's right

I'm looking for the place where he awoke
Tell me how to get there when you know
I hope that I’m accepted
Cause I've been on my way
for a while
As rural America's bastard child
On the run

I've been working under pressure to create
The same amount progress that he made
But I got nothing here to show for my attempts at a change like before
When I could control who walked in and out my doors

I've seen the pit for all of those who chose to leave, thought it all was make believe, they were asked to pray but quickly fell asleep
While others found some grace and placed it on their heads
They were born to make amends
They knew to pass away meant "getting in"

Will I have the proper answers to explain
Cause I feel i'm getting closer to the gate
I've been waiting for this moment, But no one knows i'm afraid
Of the cost, and what it will take from me as I make my way across

I'm growing tired in my steps
And walking further towards the end
But I just want out

There was a time when I refused the air to breathe
I could pull apart the sea
I could show you all the treasure underneath

For an exchange I rendered all of this for less
For the hope that I would wreck
To get one last chance to die and resurrect
Track Name: Tides
I never took things past where I relate
Only stepped inside the waterline just to wade
The sense is that I can drift away
Wish I could see the other side from the bank

Then the world crashed into me without a sound
Took out my knees and steadily held me down
And I learned how it felt to be afraid
It's hard to find some frame of mind between the waves

Our hands are holding stones, while the moon is moving tides
They're rising slow, covering our eyes
We lose control, as the currents take their time
In the dark below, until there's nothing left behind

And there's a animal inside ourselves we have to tame
constantly we feed it things we can't explain
It all leads to nothing and then we're gone
So in spite of fear, there's lessons here we need to learn

I won't stop believing
The sun won't set ‘til I'm done
Tell them now, I'm leaving
These waves weren't made to break us
Track Name: Speaking of Alan
I found myself in disbelief
We live our lives expecting to survive
Mistakes we make between
The risks we take and change we need

Oh we lived it up beneath the lights
Joking about some other night
When we stayed up on empty streets
But there's no more time for laughs cause you fell asleep

I looked over the edge today,
Where we push ourselves ‘till our bodies break
And wondered when my time would come
Cause I feel a part of me is already gone

My soul is incomplete
Your heart has lost its rhythmic beat
Thought I'd never live without my friends with me
But you couldn't catch your breath and you fell asleep

We spent so much time
Singing songs we didn't write
And hanging out in parking lots for too long
When you moved a ways out of town
I didn't know the clock was ticking down
I wish that I would’ve seen you around once more

I don't know if I have the words
To express the ways your absence hurts
But soon enough, the day will come
When all our work on earth is done

So when you awake again on the other side
And find yourself somewhere else
Apart from us in eternal dreams
Oh I hope that you found rest when you fell asleep

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