The Wrong Kind of Mermaid

by Strange Her

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released November 18, 2016

Mixed & produced by Michael Bishop of Ochuse Audio
Mastered by Paul Kimsal
Recorded at Pensacola Audio Documentation
Music written by Strange Her


all rights reserved



Strange Her Fairhope, Alabama

With a live performance as energetic as the 80s DC punk scene, and music leaping off the hairy edge of the Emo/Alt Rock Revival, the coastal Alabama based Strange Her lands uniquely on the heavier end of the indie rock landscape of today, picking up the torch from groups like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, and carrying it into a new age of the genre. ... more

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Track Name: Cannons
You could see it coming, the plan we had was good
Together we built ourselves a home we understood
We kept quiet about our different points of view
But You stood there proud with everything to lose

Then you find out that the warning shot was staged,
When the sunrise breaks, and the cannons point your way
And you’re strung out in the corner, no one to blame
They got one eye open and cannons point your way

You’re ready to even the score
But you realize you've been fooled
The ones you thought were your friends, are just people in a room
Your eyes are red like the sky
As thoughts spin out of control
You can't admit to the past,
Where everything went wrong

Your heart starts running
When hear them at the door
repeating voices you haven't heard before

You've been out there alone for weeks
Still Holding on to your beliefs
I hope you understand me well
It wasn't my intent to leave
We were meant to share the world
Not to roam an endless sea
You got yourself caught in a lie
Tried to abandon everything
But there was no one by your side
This is the way it had to be
Track Name: Middle Man
All the time we spent on settling
I’ve played the middle man to much to leave
It’s the furthest point we’ll ever be
And it’s not enough
Build it up so they can see
And speak your mind with a subtlety
It's the common thread that unravels me
And it's not enough for you to hang it up

How are we supposed to be alive and breathe without a pulse?
I seem to stay where I don't belong
Then you walk away
And say we paint a pretty face
But scenery is what you want

I don't know if this is part of your plan
Cause what I have mind you won't understand
I've been tied to your ropes like a marionette
But you know I’ve been right more than you’d like to admit

I feel like I've been controlled
by the curse of someone else's gold
And I'm stuck here on an empty shore
with a sun that's never set before

The years we planned
It’s not enough
The sleight of hand
It’s not enough
Here we go again
It’s not enough
Track Name: The Artisan
You got stuck inside
your own machine
Wearing thin your disguise
Caved it in on yourself
The trap you set for me
But I’m still here every night

Just let me in
We'll start over
Let me in

Both our hearts are on a wire
with the secrets that we keep

There's no one left to take control
We have to come clean on our own

I had a plan to walk away
And for a moment I was brave
But then you grabbed my hand
Your eyes looked different than before
It was a calm before the storm
You shot me down and I'm a wreck

Just let me in
We’ll talk it over
Let me in
We’ll start over

Oh oh, there's no one left to take control
We have to come clean on our own
I'm stepping off of the fault line
You are the artisan this time

It's a feeling we can't escape
We lost the reasons that we stayed

Now our hearts are uninspired
And our heads can barely sleep
Track Name: A Stomach Full of Mountain Lions
I thought it out last night while you were sleeping
How the morning would hide this wall between us
Now it's almost gone run out the engine
And I'm tired of dragging along while you resist it

I can't wait any longer to clear my head
We burned down our bridge and stood on opposite ends
Now that you’re gone, I think I've missed the only chance I get

We let music play on into the evening
Somehow the sound was a start for us to mend all the noise
You got the last word and you can keep it
The lines on your face told me you meant it

I can't wait any longer, I wasn't prepared
You left the door open, I just wasn't aware
Now that you're gone I think it's best that I just get my share

I can't wait any longer, it's not my place
To hold on my shoulders what we couldn't explain
Now that you’re gone I think that it's better this way

Highways and signs both divide
The places that we call home
Long nights and good times
With people we know
But nothing to call our own

Is this my destination that I’ll call home
Wearing holes in the floor waiting by the phone
And now that you’re gone…
Now that you’re gone.
Track Name: Thin and Reckless
I see the sun in her coat and the sky in the back of her throat
She's the curtain that falls at the end of the show; that divides the places we go
We're breaking the law; drinking too much, while we drive down a one way road
This hole in the world is slowly pulling us towards the other side
Where it tears us apart

It's a drug with thin lines
we’re starving for
We stay here broken
But still want more
We’re facing down a gun
With steady hands
When there's nothing left here
To feel alive again

I was told there's two things that I should know
It's about the high, don't blame yourself
Part of life is living hell

We all wanna try
To replace the past in one night
Where the moon doesn't hide
We can stay awake; clear our minds
We take it too far and say “it's only who we are”
Track Name: Sleep Cycles
Another night to waste
Blinking lights and blank displays
Trying hard to stay awake
Another round to complete
With disregard for stability
It's not the same, just let it be

I bet the noises that I hear are in my head
I didn't see the crisis in affecting this routine
I said, there's a different side of me that's in my bed
I already gave in, so you better come with me

The feeling is strange
Like something caught me in a maze
It's not the end, don't be afraid
Buried underneath
Who you are and how you sleep
Is a conscious effort to believe

It's been 2 whole days
since I woke up here this way
I need more time to get this straight
Track Name: Mother Mary
Mother Mary of the valley
Send me a saint cause I need him so badly
From the forest, to the prairie
I walk alone with the burdens I carry

She was the fairest of ten thousand
But I lost her high in the mountains
Now I’m searching for that fountain
So I can buy a little time while I’m waiting

I heard a voice in the whirlwind
You learned your lesson but you never should have came here
It carried me on through the black hills
And showed me the way to the white fields

I lied awake in the pasture
Safe and sound from disaster
And when my heart beats faster
I'm holding on like there's something coming after

The storm in me that's turning
To bury what I've broken
And hold me underwater

Should I blame my mistakes?
Burn down the bed I’ve made?

Throwing stones since the river turned away
Son of wilderness to find the narrow gate
‘Cause where we’re going will never be safe
But there’s nothing left for me here if I stay

Mother Mary
Come and find me
It's getting late and it's darker than it should be...
Track Name: A Brackish Understanding
There was nowhere to go
So you tried to find your own way back
You heard her call you out
You might avert your eyes but you can't hide
From the sound, singing your name, in the crowd--and outside your door… every night

There was no light to guide you
That night she followed you back home
You fell in love with an image
But did you notice the scales under these clothes
Now every time you visit
Another part of you doesn’t want to float
‘Cause down there at the bottom
They don't worry about skin and bones

And that’s the lie we’re always told
Just take this down and let it go
You’re the only one that doesn't know
That’s the lie we’re always told

As pride dissolves, your mind recalls
A memory of a different life
This lie we’re fed is just a pill
That fills in the lines
Between yourself and how you want to feel
Closer to what you see on the surface, and what you need to carry you home
Track Name: Agoraphobia
Surrounded, can't relax
The chemicals react and take my place
Senses disappear with the change in atmosphere
Until I'm erased
And what I’ve become I can’t explain

Do you feel the panic when you fade out of view?
your mind runs circles inside
while your lungs try to fill the oxygen
Before the fear in you finds a way to survive

The focus reappears
like waking after years in a silvery haze
Don't know where to begin
I just blame it on where on I've been
So I can relate
It’s just another day
In a world that's the same
and the only way to go is back the way I came

I feel the earth shaking under my feet
Just how far will I fall out of reach

I feel the earth shaking (and suddenly)
under my feet (it's out of reach)
then something starts turning in me

Like the world's been waiting (patiently)
to break its routine (and bury me)
and catch me in a place that I can't leave

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